cropped-rosa-copy.jpgRosa Los Santos came to Oakland in 2001 from her birthplace in Lima, Peru and has been singing Latin and especially Afro-Peruvian music professionally for several years. She performs regularly with Peruvian groups ‘De Rompe y Raja’,  “Nosotras”, “Grupo Juvenil Guaranguito” and ‘Nostalgia’. Rosa sings a wide repertoire of Latin music, plays guitar and cajon –a percussion instrument of Afro-Peruvian origin. She is also an accomplished performer of the Afro-Peruvian competitive dance form zapateo. Rosa has performed at Bay Area venues such as La Peña Cultural Center, La Furia Chalaca, ODC Theater, Julia Morgan Theater, Stanford University and UCSF. She also has captivated audiences in Massachusetts, Utah, and at the Michigan Women’s Music Festival. She has been invited to perform in the German Perufest in Frankfurt and a Singing Tours in Milano, Italy. Stay tuned to her new activities this year! Visit the event’s page.